About this course

In this course, you're going to learn all about what it takes to design great wordmarks.

So what is a wordmark? Simply put, it's the type portion of a logo; the business name. All too often, I see aspiring designers place emphasis on the symbol or icon, as opposed to the name. And this is exactly what we're going to correct in this course.

You will follow along as Gary shows you how to tackle 5 different wordmark logo designs, two of which include hand-lettering with the use of a pressure sensitive drawing tablet. You're also invited to tackle optional project assignments, and submit them to the DesignCourse.com forums for Gary's personal review.

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Course details
  • 720p videos available for download (MP4)
  • All videos are real-time with commentary
  • 16 lesson videos
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Software requirements
  • Adobe Illustrator
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Gary SimonInstructor

With over 15 years experience as a freelance designer, Gary has the extensive knowledge necessary to help you become a great designer.

Gary has also produced courses for Envato, Digitaltutors.com, Udemy and has written for PhotoshopCreative magazine.

Course Syllabus
  • 1. Beginning the Zoom Project
  • 2. Finishing the Zoom Project
  • 3. Starting the Launch Project
  • 4. Finishing the Launch Project
  • 5. The Ignore Project
  • 6. Optional Project Assignment
Hand Lettering Wordmarks
  • 7. Designing the VU in Vulgar
  • 8. Designing the LGAR in Vulgar
  • 9. Refining the VUL in Vulgar
  • 10. Finishing the Vulgar Project
  • 11. Starting the Fierce Project
  • 12. Blocking out the RCE in Fierce
  • 13. Adding Details to the Lettering
  • 14. Further Refining the Lettering
  • 15. Finishing the Fierce Project
  • 16. Optional Project Assignment

“Gary is a better then my teachers in school. He explains calm, simple, and in-depth. I’m been watching his videos for abouth 2 months and it helped me progress alot.”

“Not only is Gary making himself easy to understand, his content is also creative, innovative and easy to follow along.”

“What I really like about Gary is his teaching skills, he keeps things so simple that anyone can follow his steps easily”