Photoshop Poster Design Tutorial

Learn how to design this poster in this step by step tutorial.

The following free tutorial will show you how to design a great looking poster to celebrate Adobe Photoshop's 20th Anniversary.

  1. File -> New. Specify 13 inches wide by 14 inches tall, or any document size that fits for your resolution without creating horizontal or vertical scrollbars. Leave resolution at 72.
  2. Choose a foreground color of blue. Select the elipse tool.
  3. From the center of the document, left click and drag out while holding the SHIFT and ALT key together to create a perfect circle.
  4. Right click the layer you just created and select "Duplicate Layer" (Hint: Visit edit -> preferences to specify a shortcut key to quickly duplicate layers).
  5. With the newly duplicated layer selected, hit CONTROL-T and select one of the 4 corner points. Drag it inward with your left mouse button while holding CONTROL and ALT together to keep the circle perfect.
  6. Let go once your circle is roughly the size of the inner-white circle as shown above.
  7. Change the foreground to white after it is scaled.
  8. Repeat this process 4 more times to create circles the same size and color as shown above.
  9. Select the first blue layer in the layers panel.
  10. Double click the right side of the layer to bring up the layer styles window.
  11. Check off inner glow and match the values as shown above in order to create a slightly darker inner shadow.
  12. Click on the vector mask thumbnail of the first layer we duplicated (the white layer). You will see an outline show around the white circle.
  13. Select the type tool in the tools panel and change the font color to white.
  14. Position the cursor over the outlined white circle until it changes the curso icon to the text cursor with a diagonal line through it.
  15. Left click once and begin typing the words shown above. Simply use the space key to evenly align each of the phrases. The font used here is Bebas.
  16. Repeat the steps above to create the text in the black circle. These are names that are associated with the development of Photoshop.
  17. Note, you may need to duplicate the black layer and scale it slightly in before you apply the text.
  18. Select the pen tool. Then select the blue duplicated circular layer (the 2nd to last duplicated layer). Add a new layer and be sure "Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask" is checked.
  19. With red as your foreground color chosen, create a shape similar to the one shown above, except draw it where the arrow is pointed.
  20. With the new layer selected, duplicate the layer. Once duplicated, hit CONTROL-T. Rotate it and move it into place to the right of the first player, then change the new layer's color to the fluorescent yellow shown above.
  21. Repeat the step above for the remaining colors until the entire circle is filled.
  22. With the type tool selected and the foreground color white, type "ADOBE PHOTOSHOP" (Myriad Pro is the font used).
  23. Repeat this 2 more times to create the "20" and "YEARS" as shown above.
  24. Note: Use the Character panel (Window-Character) to adjust the letter spacing for the desired effect.
  25. With the first text layer you created selected, go to Layer -> Type -> Convert To Shape.
  26. Repeat the above step for all remaining text layers. This will allow us in the next step to distort the entire project for a unique perspective.
  27. Select the very first layer we created (with exception to the background layer), and scroll to the very top and hold shift while selecting the very top layer. This will select all layers.
  28. With all layers selected, go to Edit -> Transform -> Distort.
  29. Pull the upper right anchor inward as shown above. Then select the move tool and hit "Apply" on the resulting dialogue that appears.
  30. Important Step: Go to Image -> Image Size, and change the resolution to 300 pixels/inch. This will drastically increase the size of the document, but is necessary if you wish to have this poster printed!
  31. With all of the layers still selected, hit CONTROL-G to group the layers.
  32. Then duplicate the group. Take the duplicated group and select "Merge Group" from the layer panel's menu (Located on the upper right corner of the panel).
  33. Select the move tool and position the layer as shown above. Then choose luminosity for the layer's blend mode, and 11% under Opacity.
  34. Duplicate the layer we just created and move the layer to the very top. This gives the appearance of a glass effect.
  35. With white as the foreground color, use the Pen Tool to create the shape as shown above.
  36. After you create it, right click the layer and choose "Rasterize".
  37. Choose "Overlay" for the layer's blend mode, and then selec the erasor tool. Choose a large feathered brush and erase the bottom portion of the shape we just created as shown above.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Visit our home page to discover our design course that features full design videos on how to design amazing websites and logos.